Date: December 5, 2011 Posted by: margus In: City Tours

Strasbourg, the largest city of Alsace, is a truly international metropolis as well as an old charming provincial city. The old core of the city has remained remarkably intact. It is a very beautiful city irrigated by the two branches of the Ill and its multiple canals, with superb old buildings of all periods.
Of all these ancient buildings, one stands particularly out: The old Cathedral with its famous 142 meters spire high and its facade where Gothic flourishes in a lace of pink stone.

The Old Quarter around the Cathedral Hosts several very picturesque old Renaissance houses such as theKamerzell house, the Chambre de Commerce ( Business Center) and in the rue Mercière, an old pharmacy, la pharmacie du Cerf dating back to the thirteenth century.
Southwest of the city la Petite France casts on the somewhat formalism of the exigent city an unsubstantial veil of easement, as you stroll along the river Ill, among the old houses of pure Alsatian architectural styles.

Two museums are worth seeing:

  • Musée de l’oeuvre Notre-Dame: houses a magnificient collection of Medieval and Renaissance art from Strasbourg and Alsace that is extremely rich and varied.See the stunning head of Christ from the Abbey of Wissembourg, c.1050; one of the earliest known figurative works in stained glass.
  • Musée des Arts Décoratifs: Contains one of the most important ceramic collection in France- Works from the Hannong factory (famous eighteenth century manufacturer of Strasbourg).Strasbourg River