Pre-trip Planning: Paris Travel Packages and More

Date: October 5, 2009 Posted by: admin In: City Tours, Paris

So you’re going to Paris. Like everyone heading for the most romantic city in the world, you’re excited. However, making the most of a short vacation trip to Paris requires doing one simple thing before you actually set foot on Parisian soil – planning. A pre-trip plan ensures a Parisian holiday you can look back to with great memories.

When preparing for a trip to Paris, consider these:

1. Compare Paris travel packages. Being one of the most visited cities in the world, you’d find many great deals from key players in the French tourism industry. Major airlines that regularly fly tourists to Paris, hotels and even travel agencies offer various tour packages to Paris, especially off-season. Booking ahead of time also gives you better chances at bigger discounts so do phone around, check out flyers, visit websites and compare various Paris travel packages for a great deal.

2. Polish up on your French. Or if you don’t speak French at all, learn a few key phrases. More than impressing a French hottie, speaking their language is actually a good strategy that ensures you get treated well. You see, if you start speaking in French to a waiter, a cab driver or any of the frontline service providers you encounter, this gives them a good impression on you. They will look upon you more favorably and would then inform you they can communicate in English. It will then just be a matter of hospitality to ask if it would be easier for the guest to converse in English. That’s one trick you’d not find advertised along with Paris travel packages.

3. Have a sight-seeing plan. List down all the places you’d like to visit while in Paris. Check travel guides for their availability and other schedules. Some of these tourist spots would have specials and discount rate at certain times. You’d be able to see more places and shoot more photographs if you’ve planned your trip well.

4. Do a background check of famous French attractions. The Louvre, for example, is both a cultural and a historical tour. If you’ve only read about it in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code, you’d find it more exciting to read further into the Louvre’s history. When you’re there and wandering the courtyard, you’d get a better feel of what it was like during the reign of various French monarchies.

5. Check out a Paris city map. Be familiar with the attractions on the left and the right side of the Seine. This would help you plan your itinerary. Also, you can plan your stops better if you’re familiar with the orientation of the attractions you’d like to visit. You’d definitely want to take their Metro system, too. It’s fast and efficient, not to mention inexpensive.

Plan your Parisian holiday like you would your finances. Besides ensuring you get total value for your dollars, you can be sure not to miss anything while you’re there. Planning definitely allows you to do more and have more with less.