Palais Royal Paris

Date: December 5, 2011 Posted by: margus In: Paris, Tourist Attractions

Built by Cardinal de Richelieu (1624-34), and known at first as Palais Cardinal, though nothing now remains of the time of Richelieu, except part of the second court, the great Cardinal died here december, 4, 1642, bequeathing his palace to the king Louis XIII., who only survive him five months.

In the following year, Anne of Austria came to live here with her two children, LouisXIV., then aged five, and Phillipe d’Orléans. The name of the building was then changed to Palais Royal. Under Phillipe II d’Orléans, the palace became the scene of the celebrated suppers and orgies which disgraced the Regency.

The father of king Louis Phillipe made great alterations in the building including the arcades surrounding the gardens, which he let to tradesmen, thereby making the palace the most magnificent mall in the world.

In may 1871, a great part of the Palais Royal was burnt by the Commune. The principal buildings are now occupied by the Conseil d’Etat (State Council), the aile Montpensier by the Cour des Comptes and the portion of of the Aile de Valois upon the second court and the garden by the Ministry of Culture.

The interior of the palace has now little interest, but the great gravelly square, surrounded by gay arcades of shops, as well as the very elegant work of Buren’s columns make the Palais Royal a magnificent and secluded resort.
Palais Royal Paris