Nurse Salary Data

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There is very high demand of nursing and health care providers and particularly nurses all around the world. With the advancement in medical technology, America seems to have enhanced its operation and medical procedures due to which its citizens are living longer. Even more number of nurses is demanded by America since the baby boom generation is beginning to retire. Becoming a nurse is seen as foreseeable profession and is in extremely high demand. The jobs in the nursing field are available in almost every city of America. Being a nurse you are expected to perform diagnostic tests, providing medical advice and emotional support to the to the sick patients and their families, educating people and other on different medical conditions and treating the patients and at last assisting the patient and families to know the right way to tackle the illness.

Teaching them the procedure to perform home care is another duty of the nurses. Some of the nurses may also have to give grief counseling to the family of a critically injured patient. Nurses also give important services to the communities like health screenings, local blood drives, health seminars, immunizations and some other concerned community requirements. Most of the nurses nowadays choose to do specialization in their field. There are numerous fields of areas of study in which a nurse can specialize. To list some of these fields are, mental healthcare nursing, pulmonary medicine, eldercare or family, emergency room nursing, operating room nursing, hospital nursing, oncology, pediatrics and geriatrics. Most of the nursing students prefer to go for more than two areas of specialization.

In every country the demand of nursing and nurses is on the rise with aging population. The job for nurses is available in most of the countries today. Finding employment after completing your degree of nursing can be perhaps the easiest part. With the decrease in the number of nursing staff more likely a nurse may have to suffer from a problem of scheduling time. Till more number of nurses is recruited in the same field the problem many have to be faced by the existing candidates for quite some time now. One of the vital roles that a nurse needs to play is to become a patient advocate and to safeguard the interest of the patients when they cannot do the same because of their illness or insufficient knowledge of health. Nurses are the educators of patients, they explain them various procedures and process so that they can get to know about their body and learn the reason for their sickness. For example, nurses train the patient and his family to know the right way to use the health care equipments, change the dressing on the injured part and eating in a healthier way.

Nurses empower the patients and guide them to the healthy behavior in the need. When patients are able to recover nurses further teach them how to stay healthy and strong throughout their lives. They are also responsible to deliver physical care when the patients are unable to do so. Due to so much of responsibilities you can easily understand the rising demand of nursing in the world.

All working and salary information about nurses The salary information of the registered nurses in Canada and America can be best understood with hourly wages. Though most of the international countries pay their workers on hour basis, still being a nurse you can earn a very good income and maintain a luxurious lifestyle throughout your life. The pay scale of nurses is mostly given in dollars per hour that is negotiated or increased with time the changes in the labor union collective agreements. However, to calculate the annual salary of a particular nurse it is important to know that a person is working for fulltime hours or part time and how much salary he or she paid every hour. Full time hours Nurses who are registered to perform a full time duty, the number of hours to work may range from 36 to 40 hours every week. The registered nurses get about $26.90 per hour. So, if you calculate the annual income for a registered nurse in BC it would come near around $50,569.27 whereas the Annual salary in Saskatchewan will be $52,472.72. Both the nurses get same salary every hour but the nurses that are registered in the Saskatchewan gets $1900 more every year due to the labor union collective agreements. Steps on the pay scale of nurses: In Canada every province has a difference in the pay-scale of nurses.

The salary that is paid may differ from one region to another. Along with the salary and nurses are also given in vacation time. In annual vacation Time nurses earn more and work less. The vacation time may differ from 3 to 4 weeks of the every year. In USA, pay scale of nurses follows as: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist gets the highest salaries in the field of nursing and earns over one lakh dollars a year on an average. In order to become CRNA you will have to on various other educational qualifications along with your expertise and skills in the same field. After completing your graduate degree you will have to complete and clear the examination to be registered as a licensed nurse anesthetist. Nurse Practitioner (NP) Nurse practitioner has to work under the guidance of administer mid-level patient care or licensed Physician. The pay scale of nurses working as Nurse practitioner is quite less than a licensed Physician or administrator. After completing their practice they can work independently and provide primary care. Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) A clinical nurse specialist assists in specialized research, management, education and advocacy. You need to complete your masters of Science degree in nursing in order to earn yourself a position of clinical nurse specialist. A clinical nurse specialist can earn from 70,000 to 80,000 dollars every year but as you gain experience you can increase your salary to 90000 dollars a year.