Mount Sainte-Odile

Date: December 5, 2011 Posted by: margus In: Country Tours

Here are the holy places of Alsace. All is here legendary and sacred: the trees, the rocks and the streams. In this place,where still may be seen the foundations of a Roman castellium, a young and beautiful countess had, they say, retired, from pious inclination, to the midst of crevasses and ruins. Not far from the chapel where the pilgrims pay their devotions, her fountain is shown and of this, gracious legend are told.
After traversing the outline of that mysterious enclosure, which is customarily called the pagan wall and which was a sort of camp of refuge built by the Celts, you enter the monastery of Sainte-Odile, the gentle heroine, who braved persecution to remain faithfull to her vows.
Century old lindens shade the great entrance court. The church situated at the end of this court communicates with a very ancient chapel, where the relics of the saint are exposed in a shrine. You see also in a glazed sarcophagus, the painted statue of the Patron Saint of Alsace. On the marvelous terrace, you overlook a chaos of forests and may see, it is said, twenty towns and three hundred villages.

Mount Sainte Odile