Gastronomic Paris Travel Packages for Food Lovers

Date: October 5, 2011 Posted by: admin In: Food & Restaurants, Paris

There are many reasons why people travel around the world – for culture, relaxations and food! Eating out in different countries give you a taste of their culture, their everyday lives and such experiences are always different in each place and each food you taste. Similarly, Paris has a lot to offer to world weary travelers – there’s always that romantic air that many couples and lovers always comes back to, the amazing sites and historical places that enriches the academic to the Old Europe and then there’s the French food that everybody would never dare pass up. Whatever your plan on your next trip is, it is always a feat to consider a gastronomic Paris travel package of food lovers.

And who doesn’t like food? The Parisian Culinary fare can give any picky tourist a real gastronomic bonanza. French cuisine truly matches any of its popular landmarks and you don’t even have to pay a fortune to enjoy tasteful dishes in fancy restaurants.

When you plan on a Paris travel package for the food lovers, you have to ensure that it includes in time for exploration on the hidden corners where smaller restaurants offers enticing choices of croissants, lairs, tarts as well as elaborate cakes and pastries. In Paris, even simple sandwiches can get dressed up when crusty baguette and fine cheeses are used. There are also modest restaurants surrounding the Eiffel Tower and at the Champs-Elysees. These quaint restaurants and cafe boost the local authentic cuisine while gourmet dining at affordable prices attracts a steady stream of local Parisians and tourists alike.

To help you make up your mind with your travel packages, search out recommendations made by experienced tourist as they can give you tips on which places and corners are best visited. Usually these places are not indicated on travel brochures, and can really be found in the residential areas of the city. Here is where real authentic French quality foods are found at very competitive prices.

For travelers who aim to experience real exquisite dining can experience real value for their money. Paris dining is something to be savored and is not merely enjoyed to appease our usual hunger pangs. Find classy restaurants offering extensive course and a winning wine list – though you might have some problem understanding the menu or even try pronouncing it. Once you experience this difficulty, never hesitate to ask as then you will realize that Salade de Gesiers actually mean salad with sauted chicken gizzard or that Langue de Boeuf is beef tongue. It is always wise to check on what you might be eating and never assume things that you don’t really understand. The appropriate order of a meal in Parisian restaurants had should be as follows – appetizers first, then entre, followed the main course and dessert with suitable wine and then coffee as the grand finale.

French has an inborn dining etiquette and it would be wise for tourist to at least pretend to have good manners while eating in classy restaurants. So if you are set on your Paris travel packages for food lovers, make sure that you wear formal dress when you dine and make sure that there are only soft voices, no clinking noises coming from your table and that you show extreme courtesy to the staff.

Some of the recommended places for food lovers are Le Vieux Bistro, Le Petit Marche, Mon Vieil Ami and the J’Go and Cafe Moderne.