Furama Hotel Kuala Lumpur Review

Date: February 29, 2012 Posted by: admin In: Reviews

Decided to start this new section on this blog regarding my numerous visits to hundreds of different hotels around the world, so I think I am quite qualified to write reviews and assess the quality of the hotels on my trips.

Hope the readers of this blog find these reviews helpful and honest 🙂

OK so first of all, Furama Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is based in Bukit Bintang area. Everybody that has been to Kuala Lumpur knows that this is the kind of shopping district of this town. The area overall is very good I think, but unfortunately the hotel is on the road that does not have a great access to the shopping streets around it. You will need to cross some quite dodgy areas infront of the hotel to get to the huge 9 storey shopping mall across the road- Berjaya Times Square.

I dont really mind that, as it gives an interesting access to how people in the city really live. There are many Chinese restauarants and smaller hotels in this area- many of them really cheap.

That is the thing with KL- you can find local canteens where they serve food for 10 MYR (3 dollars) and you can also expect to pay double that for a coffee in a hotel next to it.

OK as far as the hotel goes Furama Bukit Bintang is very new.  I stayed here in Feb 2012 and the bellboy said they have been open for 7 months. So by any standards this hotel is brand new.


However, wierd thing is that only thing that feels brand new in this hotel is the lobby when you first walk in- everything else is already quite run down. And I find that shocking considering the age of the hotel. I would be really afraid to see how the place might look 1 year from now.  It will deffinitely need a huge renovation in 2 years time I would think.


Furama-Bukit-bintang GYM

Biggest issue with the hotel is the fact that there is no consideration for details here. Wherever you look, you will see paint peeling, wallpaper scratched, carpet stained, and toilet seat slightly moving. It kind of feels like one of these renovation projects that someone failed to oversee, so the builders could get away with tons of bad finishing and lousy work. On top of that management/staff has failed to fix the relatively small issues, cause it seems they don’t really care.


You will see from my future reviews, that I am not by any standard a very fussy traveller, but I am quite an experienced one, so I kind of know what to expect from certain price brackets and I think in Kuala Lumpur you could probably get more for your money.

Good points

-Great Location, easy access to metro and big shopping centres nearby
-Good Gym
-Good views from higher floors
-Good cable internet, and the cable is really long!!
-Good overall work area, decent chair and desk. Surprising how many hotels don’t have that!!

Bad Points

-Expect tons of little mistakes everywhere in the hotel, everything from loose toilet seat to spooky stains on the carpet…
-Only 10 TV Channels
-You need to pay for WIFI if in standard rooms
-Room Service has like 10 items on there, but the one thing I wanted (Greek Salad, was not even served), on top of that room service menu is on TV, but the channel keeps changing so it is really hard to see what they actually serve.
-Weird Entertainment in the hall- live band right at the entrance in the lobby, who noone seems to pay any attention to. I felt quite sad for the singers. I think it is not appropriate place for that. There should be a separate lounge or restaurant if they want to have live musicians.
-Minibar is empty? There is a sign saying if you want to order minibar dial 0. Not sure what the point of the mini bar is in that case…

Furama Bukit Bitang Kuala Lumpur

Furama Bukit Bitang Kuala Lumpur