For Women Only – Paris Travel Tours

Date: October 5, 2011 Posted by: admin In: City Tours, Paris

Have you or your close friends thought or talked about a trip to France, maybe a stay in Paris? There are many tours available that cater to women only, and several of the top travel agencies can satisfy your need to have a group tour with your girlfriends. Think: The ultimate girls’ night out – a trip to Paris, France together.

There are tours available for you and your friends that can be privatized as well, and most of these can be found on the World Wide Web. There is also contact information for privatized tours at the Tourism Bureau office in Paris. This is located at rue de Pyramides (street name) on the northern half of Paris, near the Seine river. You can reach them online and plan your tour directly from their website. You can order brochures and get information and costs of all of their local Paris tours.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have five or more days with your closest friends in Paris? There is so much to do, so many places to eat, and not to mention the wonderful shops and boutiques that proliferate the area. There are tours on the River Seine, large barge-boats that have wide windows for beautiful views of the city from the water. These boats also have options to have dinner on board, along with musical entertainment.

Your group can take bus tours as well, usually double-decker buses that make occasional stops in interesting areas. These usually cater to those who would rather not walk all day, and the tours don’t last but a couple of hours. At the Tourism Bureau, you will find a map of Paris with marking of places of interest. This will be very helpful while making a walking tour of Paris. There are plenty of taxis that can fit up to five people, but if your group is larger, take the Metro train or the bus. That way you can get top an interesting area and walk around without wearing yourselves out.

Walking, thought, is the best way to see the La Ville-Lumière, which is translated as “The City of Lights”. At night, Paris is lit up so bright it can be seen from space, and the grounds around the Eiffel Tower are so brilliantly lit there are no shadows. Feel free to walk around the main attractions at night, but stay on the beaten path. You have a great selection of venues at night, such as dance clubs, jazz and piano bars, or even places to Karaoke. Remember, it is still a city, and unless you are very adventurous, do not go into neighborhoods you are not familiar with at night.

You and your friends deserve pampering, right? Paris has many day spas for just that very thing. You can relax in some of the most lucrative spas in Paris, at the Le Marais. You have such a selection it may take some time to choose, but these beauty shops and spas cater to French women, known as some of the most sophisticated looking women in the world. Give you and your friends a treat!

Paris is a city with an exhausting supply of things to do. Discovering is part of the trip, too. It is important that you take enough time if you are going to this beautiful and grand city, and expect to be busy every day. The art, the food, the shops, the monuments – it is all food for the eye as well as the palate!