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Palais Royal Paris

Built by Cardinal de Richelieu (1624-34), and known at first as Palais Cardinal, though nothing now remains of the time of Richelieu, except part of the second court, the great Cardinal died here december, 4, 1642, bequeathing his palace to the king Louis XIII., who only survive him five months. In the following year, Anne […]

Saint Chapelle Paris

In spite of a restoration almost amounting to renewal, the Sainte-Chapelle is still one of the most beautiful buildings in France. It was the reception of the Crown of Thorn from Jean de Brienne, Emperor of Constantinople, and a great portion of the True Cross from his successor Beaudoin,which made Saint-Louis determine to build a shrine […]

Notre Dame

The cathedral of Notre Dame rises on the spot where Prudentius, eighth bishop of Paris, built a church in 375, on the site of a pagan temple. A more magnificent building was begun in 1163, but was not finished untill the beginning of the reign of Saint Louis, whose funeral service was performed here. On the […]

Place De La Concorde

Stately and beautiful with its obelisk, fountains and statues, its delightful views down green avenues to the Louvre on the east and the Arc de Triomphe to the west, and towards the church of the Madeleine on the north and the chambre des Députés on the south. The square was made under Louis XV. and […]

Les Invalides

Planned by Henry IV., and begun by Louis XIV. in 1671, as a refuge for old soldiers, who, before it was built, had to beg their bread in the streets. The Tombeau Napoleon, under the magnificent dome of the Invalides, which was added to the original church by Jules Hardouin Mansart and is treated as […]

Arc De Triomphe

The signification of the arc of triumph finds its origin in the old Roman war religion: at the end of military campaigns, all the warriors had to pass under the “magic door” to discharge their destructive energies that could be nocuous for their fellow-men . The Arc de Triomphe better known as the Arc de […]

Paris Travel Tips-Don’t Be Rude, Be Frenchman

All self-respecting Paris travel tips will include the fact that the French people are very proud of their heritage. They have a right to be considering that many of the great things in modern civilization owe their existence to the French, from wines to women to wicked whims. As such, when in Paris, behave like […]

Do it like Parisians- Saving Money in Paris

Paris travel tips will almost always hew to the theme of when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Or rather, when in Paris, do as the Parisians do. You will delightedly discover that being French for a day is filled with the joie de la vie! Walking These Parisian boots are made for walking […]

Paris Travel Tours- Eiffel tower

You’ve finally afforded the trip of your dreams – Paris, France. You have everything booked except a Paris travel tour; you’ve decided to take that on when you arrive. One of your goals is, of course, the Eiffel Tower. You did your research, you know where to go, how much it costs, and the schedule […]

Paris on a budget

Paris is known as the city of love. It is a wonderfully romantic and historic place to be so it is no wonder that many people dream of taking a trip there. However, for many people a trip to Paris may seem like it is out of their reach due to budget constraints. However, there […]