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As soon as you enter Colmar, you feel yourself in a town of history and tradition, careful, before all to maintain intact the precious reserves left to it by centuries, reserve of glory, reserve of art, reserve of liberty. Colmar was a free city of the Empire and has not forgotten it. Because of the […]


Nancy can be considered as a new city, as it emmerged only in the eleventh century. Its grace rises mostly from the eighteenth century with Stanislas Leszczynski, Louis the Sixteenth’s step-father. Stanislas, an eagerly architectural builder, decided then to build a important set of magnificent squares to reunite the old Nancy to the new city, […]


Strasbourg, the largest city of Alsace, is a truly international metropolis as well as an old charming provincial city. The old core of the city has remained remarkably intact. It is a very beautiful city irrigated by the two branches of the Ill and its multiple canals, with superb old buildings of all periods. Of […]

Paris Travel Tours- Eiffel tower

You’ve finally afforded the trip of your dreams – Paris, France. You have everything booked except a Paris travel tour; you’ve decided to take that on when you arrive. One of your goals is, of course, the Eiffel Tower. You did your research, you know where to go, how much it costs, and the schedule […]

Visiting Louvre

Almost every tourist to Paris, France plans to visit the world’s largest museum, the Louvre. Characterized by the glass pyramid, it is also one of the world’s most famous landmarks. The museum actually is comprised of three buildings and you can barely see everything in a full day. You want to be sure you see […]

Great Paris Travel Advice-See Paris By Boat!

The Seine River is a major river in France and is the slow, moving, romantic waterway that is often seen in pictures of Paris. Many of the famous landmarks in Paris line the banks of the Seine and there are 37 bridges that go over the Seine, just in Paris! The river is a major […]

Paris Travel Advice: Da Vinci Code Tours in Paris

If you are looking for something unique to do while in Paris, some great Paris travel advice is to sign up for a Da Vinci Code Tour, which relives the story by following the trail through Paris of the characters in Dan Brown’s famous novel and the movie by the same name. There are several […]

Cheap Paris Travel: You gotta eat, right?

So you have decided to make the trek to visit the city of lights. Paris is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. In fact, Paris is largely regarded as one of the centers of culinary excellence However, that popularity does not necessarily lead to a bargain vacation. However, there is cheap […]

For Women Only – Paris Travel Tours

Have you or your close friends thought or talked about a trip to France, maybe a stay in Paris? There are many tours available that cater to women only, and several of the top travel agencies can satisfy your need to have a group tour with your girlfriends. Think: The ultimate girls’ night out – […]

Bicycling in France – Paris Travel Tours

The French have their Tour de France, and many other bicycle racing spectacles as well. There are even major bicycle races in Paris such as the Paris-Nice in March, but what about the visitor cyclist? How do you get around and tour Paris with a bicycle? These and other questions you may have will be […]