Monthly Archives: December 2011

Nun Tan Restaurant Rewards Risk Taking

With a little ingenuity and unusual ingredients like ostrich and a mysterious vegetable, Nui Tan has set its menu apart from the competition. Du Van Nga discovers a new favourite in Ba Dinh District. They say it’s better to be born lucky than rich, and I know fortune was definitely smiling on me as I […]

Opera Club Hits High Notes

From the creator of New Century comes the Opera Club, where entertainment and fine Euro-Asian cusine rule. Justine Reilly gives it an encore. It wasn’t until we’d been led to the highest mezzanine floor of the Opera Club that I realised what we had actually entered. At the heart of this low-lit venue was a […]

Pho Thin Stir-Fries Up a Brilliant Innovation

Simple but satisfying! Among the innumerable pho shops in Ha Noi, Pho Thin is in a league of its own. How do they make noodles and beef taste so good? Julie Ginsberg finds out. I have a confession to make: for the first three months I lived in Ha Noi, I didn’t especially like pho. […]

Potato Days in Hanoi

GTZ Hanoi, in collaboration with Goethe Institute Hanoi, will hold Potato Days in Hanoi from January 18 to 21 aiming to introduce images demonstrating the challenges, history and chances of future development of potatoes in Vietnam. Potatoes are an important product in Vietnam. It is estimated that more than half a million tons of potatoes […]

Ho Chi Minh City- Travel Stories

Australian Michael Smith takes a break from Ho Chi Minh City to savor various epicurean delights and lounge at the beach.Early in the morning at 3 a.m. one of the brothers in the family business wakes up in his Nha Trang home and rides 50 kilometers north along the coast to a small fishing village […]


Leaving the Vosges for the plain, in Upper Alsace (the southern part), there is the same succession of pictures: forest of firs, then a cool and narrow valley, where a little river gently flows, then vieyards and finally, at the foot of the last hill, the watchtowers and belfries of a little city, in our […]

Mount Sainte-Odile

Here are the holy places of Alsace. All is here legendary and sacred: the trees, the rocks and the streams. In this place,where still may be seen the foundations of a Roman castellium, a young and beautiful countess had, they say, retired, from pious inclination, to the midst of crevasses and ruins. Not far from […]


As soon as you enter Colmar, you feel yourself in a town of history and tradition, careful, before all to maintain intact the precious reserves left to it by centuries, reserve of glory, reserve of art, reserve of liberty. Colmar was a free city of the Empire and has not forgotten it. Because of the […]


Nancy can be considered as a new city, as it emmerged only in the eleventh century. Its grace rises mostly from the eighteenth century with Stanislas Leszczynski, Louis the Sixteenth’s step-father. Stanislas, an eagerly architectural builder, decided then to build a important set of magnificent squares to reunite the old Nancy to the new city, […]


Strasbourg, the largest city of Alsace, is a truly international metropolis as well as an old charming provincial city. The old core of the city has remained remarkably intact. It is a very beautiful city irrigated by the two branches of the Ill and its multiple canals, with superb old buildings of all periods. Of […]